Monday, March 1, 2010

Let Me Explain

I missed the instructions for the last post the class had been assigned. While home fighting a sinus, and double ear infections, my classmates were asked to create a blog entry that included pictures. No problem. I can do that. I have plenty of pictures on my computer. Then I remembered that the computer housing all my pictures for the past 5 years, is the computer that completely died last November. No problem. I had some smarty-pants young man (no, not my son) transfer all the information to my brand new flash drive.

That is when I got nervous. I don't like the flash drive. Barely know how to use the flash drive. Which is to say, I have only ever saved two documents on it...ever.

The easy picture blog assignment now meant I would have to transfer all the old computer info, onto my new computer.

Truth was easy. For the first time, I worked my way through the technology I so desperately try to avoid, and found myself looking at some incredible memories of years ago.

My sister started her fight against breast cancer at the very end of 2005. By spring of 2006, she was in the middle of chemotherapy, and completely bald. I spent much of that year traveling to California to sit with her, talk with her, love on her. During one of those trips, my family celebrated our time together with an outdoor dinner, and ended the evening with the time-tested ritual performed around the world...pass the wig.

For those who have heard the stories about the special kinda crazy that surrounds my family, I present proof. With love, tears, and great memories, my sister and her family continue to persevere.

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