Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Walk Down The Path of Technology

It has been quite a journey!

Truthfully, I would never have taken this course, had it not been required. I would have likely spent the rest of my life as a non-blogger. I don't envision that my blog will continue, but I am better for the mental stretching that it has required.

My computer now has 6 new free programs that I would never have found, if not for this class. Videos, pictures, and blogs are new creations in my life and on my laptop.

My husband teases me that I am more receptive to change. Maybe, or maybe he is simply enjoying the new video camera that he purchased 'for my birthday'. I had borrowed the neighbor's camera to create and edit my first video posted on youtube. I fell in love with the camera...kept it for over three weeks. I used it to record my son's concert and then uploaded it, and after some editing, posted it online and made it available to our family out-ot-town.

Simple enough, but a big change for me. Maybe my husband is right?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Take Your Place On The Committee

There is one committee that I will join based solely on need. My need, not their need.

Schools and school districts use a technology committee to achieve the following goals:

To integrate technology into all aspects of instruction in the curriculum
To develop staff competency in technology
To enhance student achievement
To promote effective and efficient use of technology by students and staff

Members of such a committee consist of faculty, parents, and even local community residents and business leaders. While anyone with a skill or interest in academic technology integration would be welcome, there are certain key people that must be included. A department leader from each curriculum branch, as well as the computer lab/media center employee.

Perhaps most important would be committee members just like me. The employee or faculty member who needs to work hard at staying current with the integration of technology. What better way to learn how, than by becoming an active participant in the process from start to finish.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Who Doesn't Like Free Things?

I like being free. Debt-free (LOVE that), fat-free (in my dreams), and free to create websites!

The free website, for creating your own web page is And I am know the proud creator of my own website, named of course, with numbers in mind "The Firios Factorial". Yes, I know how much of a geek that makes me. has templates and categories that make designing and building your web page simple enough for even me. I have added videos, pictures and a webquest for those who cannot sleep until they learn more about the Pythagorean Theorem.

My only difficulty in building "The Firios Factorial" has been the usual technological stumbling blocks that I am forever climbing over. Editing and saving new categories takes me longer than it should, and I often save a page, only to find out the the website didn't get the memo. Even with the extra steps it takes me, it has been enjoyable and worthwhile...and FREE!